It takes a skilled team to create award-winning spirits. From our forefathers, the first LeBlancs in the “new world”, to our modern day founder Marc LeBlanc; the people of Port Royal are what make it great.


Arrival in Port-Royal

Our vodka’s story started with the LeBlanc family’s arrival from France to Port-Royal, New France (modern day Canada) in 1648. Over the years, the LeBlancs became the largest family in Acadia and were known for distilling “eau de vie”.


The Great Expulsion

For failing to swear an oath of loyalty to the Crown, the Acadian people were forcibly removed from the region by the British. The LeBlancs, along with thousands of others, were deported throughout the new world.


A distillery is born

After years away, the LeBlancs returned to the region and established a distillery. They became known for using only the finest ingredients and processes. Their spirits were distilled using a handmade copper still. They realized that copper is an important element in the production of spirits as it helps to eliminate unwanted flavour congeners, which would detract from the quality of the final product.


The legacy lives on

Enter Marc LeBlanc, and a distillery is reborn. As the LeBlancs did before him, Marc and the team at Port Royal are committed to producing quality spirits using the finest ingredients and uncompromising detail to the process. What separates premium spirits from the bargain brands is smoothness. Premium spirits should not have a harsh acetone on the nose, or a long lingering after bite. It should have a silky mouth feel with a hint of sweetness. Marc is excited to be preserving the great work the LeBlancs started in 1780 with Snowfox, Samuel de Champlain and Voom.

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